Jolly Stampi was established in 1974.



The idea was to produce moulds for plastic materials, with a focus on die casting: a flexible business. Hence the name Jolly Stampi (Stampi means moulds in English), a trademark of a company able to provide effective solutions in order to satisfy Customer expectations.

Over the years, Jolly Stampi, anticipating market demands, chose to specialise in design and started to create moulds for the die casting of aluminium and magnesium. It's a challenge without borders: an international match.


Before founding Jolly Stampi, acquired extensive professional experience in the mould sector, taking advantage of the evolution and innovations that from time to time he acquired from the world markets, making himself capable of becoming "cutting-edge".
As a result G. Orioli also matured his business style, which rests on three simple cornerstones:

  • understanding "WHAT WE DO",
  • explaining "WHY WE DO IT"
     thereby drawing on the immense source of initiative, enthusiasm and genius present in each of us.

The success achieved by the company over the last 25 years is largely down to Orioli himself, to his ability to guide and motivate his entire team, with the "habit" of always aiming for excellence.


2002 marked an important step for Jolly Stampi. The company actually made significant structural investment, also with future expansion in mind, which is an undoubted sign of a long-term vision. The aim of putting large moulds into production was a brave business challenge, given that the area is known to be extremely difficulty, highly risky but also a source of undoubted (and rewarding) prestige.

This phase saw the constant updating and adding of new machinery that was more and more precise and with even greater performance for the construction of moulds of reduced dimensions, in order not to neglect the needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises that today still form and underpin both the national and international economy.


Waste sorting, reducing the amount of scrap and attentive recycling had always been widely shared and implemented objectives, however, since 2009 Jolly Stampi has fully embraced an even greener direction, thus providing further confirmation to the meaning of environmental respect, by installing photovoltaic panels capable of guaranteeing, among other things, over 50% of energy




One of the founding values of the company lies in the family style and daily running, in which some fundamental pillars are affirmed through which Jolly Stampi establishes its idea of family:

  • Everyone is important;
  • Everyone has a specific role;
  • Everyone helps everyone else;

and this spirit feeds enthusiasm, communication, growth, sharing, skill, and proactiveness, which all leads to a product of even higher value.