The Production activity starts from the receipt of the order, entered in the management software by the Technical Office, which will enhance the "curriculum of the mould".


The procedure includes an initial "Programming" phase, in which the processes are decided, and a subsequent "Planning" phase in which the distribution of the processes to the various Workstations is decided, as well as the ways and times of implementation of the order drawn up by the CAD/CAM programming office.

All stages of the work are monitored daily, so that the envisaged progress is in line with that scheduled and agreed with the Customer.


Almost all of Jolly Stampi's machines support specific software to carry out measurements directly on the Workstation
This vital action, forming part of the processing cycle of each piece, allows us not only to monitor the parameters set and implemented by the CNC, but also to promptly intercept any errors before passing it to another workstation.
The internal procedure also includes measurement by hand or laser of the piece. 
The result of the laser scans is combined with the report coming from the CNC and constitutes the test document. 
At the end of the measurement, the customer is given the relevant report to complete and guarantee the supply.  


Planning carried out using management software 


Ongoing staff training 


Benchmark company and tester for the development of new CAD/CAM operating software


Test bench for new work tools


Jolly Stampi

has pursued the path of

technological innovation,


with the purchase of 4.0 operating machines, defined as "smart" thanks to their interconnection, reaching production autonomy throughout for the construction of the "mould details". 

Thanks to this investment, it has been able to optimise and therefore increase internal productivity, achieving autonomy in the creation of non-commercial "mould components".

Proud of its own equipment, it undergoes thorough scheduled maintenance and constant calibration, carried out both by Jolly Stampi personnel and by the manufacturers, in order to ensure high performance and reliability.

Automated tool magazine

The automated tool magazine avoids the risk of finding yourself without equipment for milling or components necessary for the various processes. 

Access depends on the work list of the piece, which prevents the use of a tool not included in it, thus avoiding any error.


The assembly department is another excellent part of the company. The search for precision in coupling, the "tolerated" control of the flows, the care taken in extraction accessories, and the documented testing of the hydraulic seal of the entire mould are all aimed at allowing the Customer's production to begin as quickly as possible.