Jolly Stampi has modern machinery and equipment

that allow the manufacture of medium and large molds

of up to 50 tons with high quality standards. 


The company pays great attention to new technologies and therefore is constantly updated, with continuous investment in the manufacturing department to improve and speed up processes. 

We have equipped the department with a measuring control system with anthropomorphic arm and 3D scanner that allow controlling all major dimensions for the individual parts of the mold.

The fleet consists of milling machines, grinding machines, CNC machining centers with high-speed spindles, CNC drilling machines, deep hole, plunge EDM, CNC lathes and presses. 

Experience is very important in perfect project execution, along with the skills and knowledge of the many technicians in a CAM Office prepared for implementation and calculation of programs that will manage the machine fleet.

This is done through dedicated programs: Cut-Work-NC version 24 for 3 and 5-axis work.

The company also carries out timely service and maintenance of product molds, always ensuring the perfect functioning of the mold and the continuity of stamping quality.



  • 1 5-axis PARPAS DIAMOND LINEAR high speed machining center
  • 1 5-axis PARPAS DIAMOND high speed machining center
  • 1 5-axis OMV ACTIVE FIVE LINEAR high speed machining center
  • 1 LHS, 7-axis PARPAS FAMU high speed machining center
  • 1 PHS-912 5-axis PARPAS FAMU high speed machining center 
  • 2 FADAL 4020 high speed machining centers 
  • 1 FADAL 6030 high speed machining center 
  • 1 VMC 1400 KAFO high speed machining center 
  • 1 KAFO KFV-401 high speed machining center 
  • CNC bed type SACHMANN Arakos milling machine
  • 1 CNC IM PARPAS 90 HP milling machine
  • 1 CNC PARPAS SL60 milling machine
  • 1 CNC IM PARPAS SL 90 milling machine 
  • 1 CNC PARPAS BF 100 milling machine


  •  1 IMSA DRILL, MF 1500 BB
  •  1 IMSA DRILL, MF 1000 C
  •  1 SASS radial drill 


  •  1 ELO EROSION ELOMAT P2 electro-erosion center
  •  1 FADAL high speed machining center for BUILDING ELECTRODES


  • 1 CNC PICO lathe
  • 2 CLOVIS/HARRISON/INGERS H parallel lathes


  •  1 MININI tangential grinding machine 
  •  1 FAVRETTO TS300 surface grinding unit
  •  1 UTAS 100-ton sample press
  •  1 PFC PS4A/P, 200-ton sample press
  •  1 Sander
  •  1 Band saw
  •  2 20 + 20-Ton bridge crane
  •  1 10-Ton bridge crane
  •  4 1-Ton jib cranes